Chew Burgers

Serving Melbourne’s best Burgers comes down to one important ingredient, The Meat. It must be of highest quality and so we at chew only use Cape Grim Brisket and grind it in house to make our 160 gram Patties. Once the patties are made , we slow cook using a method called Sous Vide to lock in all the goodness and flavours of the high quality Cape Grim Brisket.

Sous vide is a French term that translates to “under vacuum”. It was invented in France over 40 years ago and has been used in restaurants for quite some time.

Souse vide is the process of vacuum-sealing food and then cooking it slowly in a temperature-controlled water bath. This requires the use of a machine called an immersion circulator to keep the water at the proper temperature so the food cooks slowly and at a low temperature.

This style of cooking results in perfectly (almost freakishly perfect) cooked food since the temperature is so precisely regulated, and the flavour is usually quite intense since all the juices and nutrients remain in the food.

On completion of the Souse vide process we seal and caramelise our patties by flame grilling each side for 90 seconds creating the most succulent delicious burgers.

Almost everything is house-made to ensure freshness and quality… this is at the heart of what we do at Chew Burger.